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"Where do you get your rock?"

Most often, Standing Stone Masonry uses Island Stone and Landscape Supply. Their yard has a wide selection of material from across North America. You can choose for yourself textures or colour combinations which blend with your project’s palette. Visit their site for more information.

Occasionally, clients have a source of their own fieldstone. Sometimes such stone is acceptable; more often it’s not. Rarely is blasted rock of much use. Please consult us before you go to the effort of accumulating rubble. We agree with the philosophy of designing with local materials, but our projects also must look good, and be durable. To that end, check an Island-based stone source called K2 Stonequarries. Visit their site for more information.

"How much does it cost?"

Please don’t expect an answer over the phone! Each project is estimated separately because the choice of stone and the style used to lay it create much variation. Some sites provide unexpected challenges, so have to be inspected. That said, natural stone costs more than cultured stone. Stone retaining walls may cost twice as much as those of landscaping block. On vertical applications, massive stone costs are more than $32 per face foot, including labour and materials. Plus, Tom Parkin will meet you at your project site for a free initial consultation.

"What’s popular right now?"

If you’re not sure what you want, that’s fine. It’s also why you might choose Standing Stone Masonry—although lithophiles, we enjoy working with our clients at this early stage. Prepare to talk about your budget, your concepts, and your preferences. We’ll also consider the options for mortar colours and finishes, layment patterns, special needs, etc. Sketching the finished project may bring forth more ideas than you initially thought possible. For those building new homes, consider the amazing computerized depictions produced by my nephew, Richard Brehm. Visit Richard Brehm's site.

"Suppose there are problems?"

Our policy is to repair at no charge, work which fails due to our cause, which doesn’t meet the BC Building Code, or which doesn’t match plan specifications. In cases of dissatisfaction based on aesthetics or non-technical objection, masonry may not necessarily be entirely replaced, but negotiation will hopefully reach a solution. Mortar hardens within days, so frequent contact with the mason is important.

  • City of Nanaimo business license 117538.
  • WCB account 733401-AA (024).
  • Liability insurance held by Coastal Community Credit Union.
  • Member, The Stonework Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • CSABC Safety Star certified.
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute certified.

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